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OpenNewsletter is a free/simple/beautiful open source newsletter or mailing-list manager written in php. It does not require a database. You just need to upload it and its running!

This script is developed by me [Sohail Abid]. I'm a freelance open source developer from Pakistan. It is developed because I like simple and beautiful things.

This script is part of a dream or movement: Free, Simple, and Beautiful Internet which has three mottos:
  • Keep the Internet Free
  • Keep the Internet Simple
  • Keep the Internet Beautiful
You can be a part of the movement too if you believe in above 3 phrases.

Visit my websites or for more details. Home page of this script is and my email is self.exile {at} gmail {dot} com
OpenNewsletter is a free & open-source newsletter/mailing-list manager written in php developed by Self Exile. It does not require a database. You just need to put it in your website and its running! I am Sohail Abid code name Self Exile, the developer of OpenNewletter. I created it because I like beautiful but simple things. You can visit my home page at And the home page fo this software is now: My email address is self.exile at and my sf project page is